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Do I Do Passion Twists?

In this “Do I Do” post, we’re going to delve into a trendy style: Passion Twists! We recently received a message about our services and this style, in particular, from a visitor to this site.

Passion Twists Question from the Karline's Salon and Spa website

The short answer to the first part of the question is yes. So now, let’s get to the root of passion twists, also known in natural hair circles as two-strand twists using hair extensions.

In the article, The Best Passion Twist Hairstyles and Guide for 2022, Cailyn Cox writes:

Passion twists are a new favorite way to wear two-strand twists. They were created by Miami hairstylist Kailyn Rogers, who also goes by the name The BohoBabe, back in 2018. She named them after her mom, whose name is Passion. You have likely seen them everywhere on social media because they are stunning, and there are many benefits to having them. They are a protective style for your hair, allowing it to grow. Not only can this look be worn short, medium, or long and in various updos or down, it is also water-friendly. This makes it perfect for summer because you can go for a swim or wash your hair.

Read the entire article at The Trendspotter.

Many confuse passion twists with Senegalese twists.

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They are similar, but there is a difference. Cox points out:

…the difference is that passion twists are created using curly hair. The texture of these two looks is what makes the difference. This style is perfect for someone who wants to protect their natural hair, and you can retain length and growth. It is also cheaper than goddess braids or faux locs and looks carefree and gorgeous. The best hair to use for this look is the Freetress Water Wave hair, which has a beautiful wavy texture.

Passion twists can take around three to eight hours to do, depending on the fullness, the installation method, and the skill of the stylist you choose. If they are correctly maintained, then they can last around eight weeks. …The beauty of this hairstyle is that it is protective for your natural hair and can help it grow.

According to the hair extension brand Indique, the secret to the passion twists is wavy hair extensions, as they give a curly texture when forming passion twists.

Shedavi, a holistic hair care, beauty, and wellness brand, reports people like passion twists because you can switch up the color, lengths, and even density of your passion twists to give different types of looks.

Passion Twists around the Gram

At Karline’s Salon and Spa, passion twists start at $150 and include shampoo and conditioner. We strongly recommend a consultation to learn what hair extension brands are best for you and the number of hair packs you’ll need to purchase before the appointment.

Are you ready for passion twists or a new protective style? #AskKarlinesSalon for a healthy hair opinion. Make an appointment today or request a new client consultation. We hope this post was helpful and answers the question, Do I Do Passion Twists.

Here’s to a great day of hair and personal care. Take us out, Stevie.

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