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Hair Gear: The Straightening Brush

Hair Gear Review: The Straightening Brush

Someone just had to #AskKarlinesSalon about a straightening brush. For the record, our recommendation is to avoid heated styling tools altogether. Instead, visit the salon every two weeks and use a satin hair protector at night to preserve your hairstyle. But we’re realists and recognize that there are times the hair gets what the head thinks is popular, convenient, versatile, and on-trend. So if you must, here are a few strands of thought about the straightening brush and ways to use it “sparingly wise.”

A few excerpts from The Risks (and Benefits) of Using a Straightening Brush via NaturallyCurly.com:

A straightening brush is a hair tool that promises to heat style the hair with sleek results. The labeling of the straightening brush promises that by using this tool other styling tools will no longer be needed.

The straightening brush can reach a maximum of 550 degrees. This is a great feature for naturals with looser curl patterns because it allows for only needing about two passes with the straightening brush to achieve a sleek style. Not saying that anyone should be using this device at the maximum temperature.

When going through the straightening process, many naturalistas use the Chase Method to ensure that the heat being applied smoothes out each strand. Because a straightening brush has evenly distributed bristles throughout, all strands of the hair are separated–thus, given an equal amount of heat application.

When using the straightening brush there are specific precautions to look out for beside traditional heat damage:

Melting hair
The hair-melting factor is a major risk of using the straightening brush because it reaches such a high temperature. Different hair types require different temperatures (the keratin in hair strands begins to melt at 325 degrees). Beyond 325 degrees, the chances of completely melting the hair strands increases.

Mechanical damage
Mechanical damage can occur when using the straightening brush because the tips of the bristle can snag on to the ends of the hair strands. This happened very rarely throughout reviews; however, the snagging of the hair can cause terrible split ends that require those ends to be trimmed.

Read the full review here.

A few excerpts from the Hair Straightening Brush Buying Guide via thebeautilab.com

As soon as you start using them, you will notice that hair straightening brushes are not that different from curling or flat irons. They also require high heat to work, which is why they are equipped with a heater. The heating body consisted of ceramic or other materials emits heat through the bristles. The brush utilizes that to straighten your hair as you move the appliance through it.

It is also vital to mention the ionic technology approach that many straighteners use. Although it will depend on the unit, most brushes utilize this technique to minimize the frizz and lock in the moisture.

…factors worth considering when choosing a hairbrush straightener.

Maximum Heat Level
Everything is about the heat when it comes to electric hair straighteners. That is why you want to ensure that your brush can deliver the amount of heat your hair requires. Maximum heat levels can vary, but they usually go from 350F to 450F. If you have thick and strong hair that is hard to control, you may want to go with the units that offer up to 450F of heat. On the other hand, if your hair is of average length and strength, a lower maximum heat limit should do the trick.

Adjustable Temperature
It is not only about the maximum heat level, but the ability to choose the right temperature for your hair. That is why hair straightening brush manufacturers often implement temperature customization with their products. Thanks to that, you can pick the desired heat level based on your hair type.

Warmup Time
The great thing about hairbrush straighteners is that they can deliver lasting results quickly. An excellent way to save a couple more seconds is to pick a unit with the shortest warmup time out there.

Non-Slip and Cool to the Touch Handle
The handle is an integral part of how easy it is to use the device. First of all, make sure the handle is of adequate size. It should fit comfortably in your hand so that you can minimize fatigue when working with the appliance. Picking a lightweight hairbrush can also contribute to minimizing fatigue. The handle also needs to remain cool to the touch. That is because you don’t want to burn your hands while using the brush. You can consider using a glove to protect your hand if you feel it gets hot. Finally, the handle needs to remain non-slippery. You can’t achieve optimal results if you don’t have an optimal grip, and that is why this is an imperative feature in electric hairbrushes.

Heat Distribution Materials
The majority of hair straightening brushes come with a ceramic heater. It is a widespread heat distribution material because it maintains a relatively low price while ensuring to minimize hair damage and overheating. Some manufacturers go with titanium and combine the two. Thanks to titanium, you may notice that your device reaches extremely high heats, and heats up quickly. That makes it suitable for strong and unruly hair, but higher heat also implies a bigger risk of damage.

Cord Length
You may think it is unimportant, but it has a lot to do with safety. If the cord is too tight, you may pull it out accidentally, and cause a short that destroys your device. But if the cord is dragging on the floor, you or someone else may trip over it, and sustain injuries. …You should consider looking for units with a swivel cord as they minimize tangling, and make the electric hairbrush easier to use.

Safety Features
While we are on the topic of safety, let’s mention that many hair straightening brushes have certificates that they comply with the latest safety standards. Apart from that, you should consider using an automatic turn off the feature, which can be convenient if you left the house and forgot to unplug the appliance.

Portability Features
Would you like to take you hairbrush straightener to travels? In that case, you should consider three factors:
Size – it is easier to pack a small appliance than a big one, especially if you pack lightly.
Weight – apart from taking as little space as possible, the brush should also remain light for easier transport.
Dual voltage support – these appliances support voltage from 100V to 240V, which means you can plug them into any socket throughout the world. That can be important if you order from a company located abroad, too.

Read the entire article at thebeautilab.com.

Here’s a hair testimony from Mary of The Curly Closet:

Cosmopolitan Magazine released its list of 10 best hair straightening brushes for every hair type.  Check out the list.

10 Best Hair-Straightening Brushes That Legit Work Like Magic

I recently complimented a friend on her blowout, and she told me she did it herself with her hair-straightening brush. Her words: “I’m obsessed.” My reaction? Total skepticism. A hot tool that promised to detangle, smooth, and straighten my hair? It all sounded too good to be true.

If you are so inclined to add the hair straightening brush to your pack of hair gear, exercise caution. Use it “sparingly wise,” and only after washing, conditioning, and thoroughly drying your hair. Set your straightening brush to a low setting suitable for your hair type (#AskKarlinesSalon) and use a heat protectant spray. Avoid using the hair straightening brush or any heated styling tools daily. Maintain your style with KS Satin, our exclusive line of luxurious fabrics for luxurious and healthy hair. Besides wrap caps and pillowcases, Karline’s Salon now carries curl caps, scrunchies, and scarves in a variety of colors. Shop online or at the salon.

Have a great hair day!

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