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Mane-ly on Monday: Nothing Less than Extraordinary



Mane: a reference to hair
Monday: the second day of a hair professional’s weekend

Even on a stylist’s day off, she – that would be me – is still thinking about your hair! Welcome to my Mane-ly Monday, a time and space for collective observations and opinions on all things hair: the trends, techniques, treatments, tools, environment and more. As I reflect and recharge, this week starts where last week ended – motivated by a client’s social media posting on her Karline’s Salon experience.

Not your ordinary salon…..healing for your hair and mind….please have thick skin because Miss Karline tells it like IT IS…..by the way this is 1 1/2 month ….HEALTHY GROWTH….

Posted by Kimberly Pratt on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kimberly’s post is more than a testimonial; it is a reminder of what the late Maya Angelou said about being your best self:

Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.

Behind the chair, our mission is to provide superior service with passion and urgency, while promoting continued education to you, our customer. We work hard to exceed your expectations and every day we work even harder to make Karline’s Salon your sanctuary for healthy and happy hair. Your questions are always welcome, and feedback truly appreciated. We can’t thank you enough for trusting the care of your hair to our hands. Our commitment is to deliver a salon experience that is nothing less than extraordinary.

Have a great week!!


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